Freshies Scrumptious Appetizers

Available all day…

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms – 9.95/ dinner 15.95

Grilled Portobello mushrooms topped with red curry, basil pesto, carrots and coconut.

Tempura Veggies
Tempura Veggies


Tempura Vegetables with a spicy, peanut dipping sauce – 9.95

A variety of veggies battered in our original rice flour Tempura, fried up
light and crispy and served with a spicy peanut dipping sauce.

Erik’s Croquettes or “magical potato balls” – 9.95 Russet potatoes, shredded then mixed with sour cream, garlic and cheddar, rolled and tempura fried.

Good Old Red’s Full Pound of Country Style Pork Spare Ribs – 13.95

Slow baked and then grilled, fallin’ off the bone with our zesty Hawaiian style BBQ sauce.

Seaweed Salad – 3.95

Sweet Potato and Quinoa Cakes – 8.95/ dinner 14.95

Simple and delicious recipe of toasted organic quinoa, shredded sweet potatoes, olive oil, herbs and spices.
Griddled golden brown and served with sweet chili garlic sauce and slaw.

Edamame – 4.95

Hot Wings: Traditional Buffalo or Mango Habanero

Boneless Breast of Chicken – 15.95 Or  Crispy Tempeh – 8.95 comes with Bleu cheese dressing.

My Tri Fries – 6.95 bowl/ 4.95 boat

Yams, sweet potatoes and Russets freshly cut and fried crisp with a sprinkle of Caribbean spices.

Golden Fried Tender Calamari Steak – 12.95/6.95

Tempura Calamari strips served with homemade cocktail and fresh lemon.

 Russet French Fries – 5.95/3.95

Famous Tacos

Tacos are topped with shredded cabbage, cheese, tomatoes and our spicy, Chipotle tartar sauce and served on corn tortillas.

Famous Fish Tacos
Our World Famous Fish Tacos!

Two Taco Platter

served with organic rice and beans, chips, salsa and slaw.

Following prices are for one a la carte taco or the platter.

Fried Shrimp Taco – 4.50/14.95

Fish Taco (Alaskan Rock Cod) – 3.95/13.95 Chicken Taco – 3.95/13.95

Sushi Grade Ahi – 5.95/17.95

Kalua Pork Taco – 3.95/13.95

Tofu Taco – 3.75/11.95 Tempeh Taco – 3.75/11.95

Portobello Taco – 3.75/11.95

Preparation options, from mildest to spiciest:
grilled, fried, blackened, Jamaican Jerk or VERY HOT Buffalo style.